How I can help…

How I can help…

As a behavior consultant, I have gone through the educational process it takes to solve complex behavior problems. I have studied at the University of Washington under persons in the behavior field with PhDs in order to gain the knowledge necessary to help your pet using science. Since I’m also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and finished a rigorous internship with a top dog trainer, I have the practical skills it takes to train you and your dog in order to change behavior. Private consultations are the best choice for complex behavior problems. I don’t offer any group classes, but if that is a better option for your pet, I’m happy to recommend some training facilities. One-on-one sessions give your dog the best option for behavior problems that need specialized attention and creative problem solving.


01 Private consultation

During this 90 minute consultation, we will go over your pets behavior problems, I will explain to you the reason/s this behavior may be happening, and come up with a plan to modify the behavior that is personalized to you and your pets needs.

Initial consultation-


Available in Snohomish and King counties


02 Behavior Modification Plan

Each behavior modification plan is set up based on your lifestyle. The plans are put together so that we can solve the problem and do it in a way that fits with your schedule, your experience, and your own needs. You will receive a detailed written plan as well as handouts, a clicker(if needed), or other tools that will help you with your dog’s success.


03 Follow-up

During your 60 minute follow-up, we will discuss progress and make any changes to the behavior modification plan necessary to further succeed. Generally, this will be when you get one-on-one coaching for training the pet.